Government cooperation
Big data
Startup incubator
Smart manufacturing
HumanPool Group works as a platform with the National Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, the Ministry of Public Security, other ministries and regional governments. Already incorporated
Beijing HumanPool Ministry of Industry and Information Technology Business Management Consulting Co.
HumanPool invests in Yituo Group for HR superiority, to explore HR development in the information age. So data not just "exists", but connects and transforms into value.
Already incorporated: HumanPool HR Big Data Technology Co.
HumanPool invested in Coffee Garage, YunXueTang and Big Data companies to form a strategic alliance, to facilitate growth for startups and SME's with a dream.
Already incorporated: Jiangsu Yingcai Investment Co.
Under the national strategy "Made in China 2025" HumanPool invests actively in informatization projects to be the forerunner in smart manufacturing HR.
Already incorporated: Saidi HumanPool Logistics Co.
HumanPool Invest is one of the three pillars of the HumanPool Group. Coming from 16 years HR management experience and forward looking to market requirements and future development. By investment, controlling shares, reorganization etc. all kinds of cross-platforms integrate to operate as the HR supply chain platform. To create the complete supply chain for smart HR service, to serve startups and many SME's. The investment platform grows together with our clients.